A shortstory i wrote almost 4 years ago.

A: “Hello!”

B: “Hello… you Clara?”

A: “Yes. May I know who is calling?”

B: “Aaa… it’s me, Steve.”

A: “Oh my God! Is it really you? Where have you been?”

B: “Yeah… a… just been here and there for a while.”

A: “For a while you say! It’s been years Steve! How are things going on?”

B: “Fair I guess… I don’t know.”

A: “You don’t sound so good. Tell me what’s up… or down…”

B: “I just called you to ask one thing. Do you consider me as your friend?”

A: “What are you talking about?!!”

  It was three years ago. Steve and Clara had been friends for quite a while, but they hardly kept in touch though, ever since there were to go to different schools. But they both valued each other’s friendship very much. Steve had even once grown feelings for Clara, but she had her own dream boy, Ben. He knew that way too well and for that he forcefully had to make his feelings blow away. Clara was aware of this too but she wouldn’t dare herself not to dream about Ben, tall, fair, good at almost everything. In short, “smart”, in both the ways. Clara was not the only one after Ben. Look at Ben! He is shorter than me, doesn’t know Latin which is the most important thing, he thought. They were all still young then.

  A year later, Steve had grown pretty tall. Nearly, by an inch taller than Clara. They were in their teens and shared about their love life they each were having. Steve was with Penny, a slender pretty girl. Clara was with Ken, a boy in his late teens. He had finished high school. Steve wondered how she knew him..

Two more years passed…

But Steve never shared the hard life he was living in. He knew his friends didn’t want him with them. They only meant to use him and he was ready to be used just to be with them. Steve wasn’t much of a hard worker but he did pretty well in the tests. He was very mischievous, like a playful child. His teachers liked him though. He was very disappointed that his friends liked his pretended self and not himself. But with Penny, he was himself. And she liked him. He couldn’t be seen happier without her. The thing which he did not know was that Penny was just pretending.

 It was too late when he realized that. His shattered heart vowed never to fall for a girl. He then knew his friends did not just like him, but loathed him. His friends to whom he had been himself… Shared things which he had little spoken of, cared for them. Depression took over him. It was amazing how Steve understood about emotions better than anyone. He even used to write love letters for his friends back, and it was for sure that the girl would fall for it. He knew about his depression yet couldn’t help himself to get over it. He only had a choice. He was never to make a friend too. Clara never knew about this. They both had graduated high schools. Steve was skimming over his contact list and came across Clara’s.

He made the call.

“Hi Steve! What made you call me?”


“I was just kidding! Hey! Heard you broke up with Penny. True?”

News sure do travel fast. “Yeah.”

“I knew it! Don’t you worry! You’ll find loads better!”


“You don’t sound yourself… what’s up? Tell me.”

Steve had been alone for a while and he was missing company. “Can we meet? Now?”

“Steve do you know what time it is? It’s twelve! Don’t you think it would be much better if we could meet tomorrow? It won’t look so nice if we meet now.”

“No. Let’s meet now. I have to and I want to.”

Stubborn as ever. “Steve! You are my friend. I understand you bit I don’t think you do!”

Memories started flooding in Steve’s mind about all his friends. Could she be the same?

“Alright. Where are you going for your studies?” Could she?

“Bellamine University. You?”

“Cir-Tech.” Could she?

“Good! We are nearby. Sometimes I’ll pay you a visit and we’ll go for shopping together! Good idea eh?”

Steve remembered every painstaking moments that he and his other friends had, about how they had lured him with the same logic to make him near. “I’ll come to your place and we’ll hang out.”

Yes, she is the same.

“Clara no I don’t want anyone to visit me. Thank you.”

“You’re damn expensive!”

“You bet I am.” I don’t care what they think of me.

“What’s got into you?”

“Nothing. Actually, the thing about meeting right now… I was just joking. No I don’t want to meet. I made this call so that I could wish you luck in whatever you do. Farewell.”

He lied, but he meant.

“Thanks. Same to you too.”

“Okey. You won’t see me here after. Bye.”

He was hurt. She was hurt.

“Steve, I…” He hung up and switched off his phone.

He took out the battery and threw it out of the window. He won’t be needing it anymore.

Solitary life is much better than this…

B: “You still there Clara? Its okey if you do not want to answer.”

A: “Wait I…” He hung up.

Solitary life is much better than this.

    • syd
    • July 19th, 2011

    podo d story seems familar 2 me..

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