To Wear a Gho

Click here to see how to wear a Kira.
Gho is a national dress for all the males in a peaceful country named BHUTAN.
It is filled with culture and green forest with people who respects environment very much. The Buddhist country had been cut-off from the outside world for over a century. Not too long ago was the bridge made, so the culture is undamaged, raw, pure and amazing. The philosophy of GNH (Gross National Happiness) was introduced from this small country (by His Majesty The Fourth King of Bhutan). At present, royal marriage preparations for His Majesty The Fifth King of Bhutan is going on, which is to be held on October, 2011.

It is a weird dress to be frank. I prefer pants and t-shirts more, but it has its own charm. You’ll not feel cold. Has the world’s biggest pocket. You can put in laptops, books, pants and t-shirts, no prob! You might look a bit fat though.

Its hard to learn wearing it in the beginning. If one knows how to wear it perfectly, a mountain prince is then born.

I drew this image in MicroSoft PAINT to help one of my foreign friend wear it properly.

Might be useful to some people trying it.

You may click on the image to view zoomable clear picture.

  1. Useful- and great drawing!

  1. September 27th, 2011

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