To Wear a Kira

My earlier post on how To Wear a Gho was mere a sharing of what i had already done. But this time its intentional.

It might just seem like a long patterned sheet of cloth to the others, but Kira is the national dress of Bhutan (for female).
Click to see a little girl wearing a kira.
I thought, just posting on how to wear a gho would be a little biased. For equality, this is for the ladies… on how to wear a kira.

I sought help from my friend, Chhoe Nnyi (nickname), who drew these for me. All the credit goes to her.

Click on the image to view zoomed picture


    • Monica
    • August 11th, 2012

    This is to wear a full Kira. How about a half, just the skirt? I bought two, but now I am struggling to put one on…

    • Dear Monica,
      Half kira takes half the effort! Its pretty easy. But explaining in words is pretty boring. so… please hang on a while until I draw one illustration…
      First, I need to talk to the ladies… or peek! lol! hey… m just kidding.

  1. September 27th, 2011

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