To Wear a Gho

Click here to see how to wear a Kira.
Gho is a national dress for all the males in a peaceful country named BHUTAN.
It is filled with culture and green forest with people who respects environment very much. The Buddhist country had been cut-off from the outside world for over a century. Not too long ago was the bridge made, so the culture is undamaged, raw, pure and amazing. The philosophy of GNH (Gross National Happiness) was introduced from this small country (by His Majesty The Fourth King of Bhutan). At present, royal marriage preparations for His Majesty The Fifth King of Bhutan is going on, which is to be held on October, 2011.

It is a weird dress to be frank. I prefer pants and t-shirts more, but it has its own charm. You’ll not feel cold. Has the world’s biggest pocket. You can put in laptops, books, pants and t-shirts, no prob! You might look a bit fat though.

Its hard to learn wearing it in the beginning. If one knows how to wear it perfectly, a mountain prince is then born.

I drew this image in MicroSoft PAINT to help one of my foreign friend wear it properly.

Might be useful to some people trying it.

You may click on the image to view zoomable clear picture.



For those exploring new ways for UI desktop mode, I might be able to contribute something. At present, my desktop looks like the above two pictures.
You should be ready for some downloading if you want the looks like mine.


1) Download Object Dock. NOTE: If you want full taskbar functions in it, you need to buy it… sad.

2) Download Iconpackager. NOTE: The drawback of this software is that its only a trial version and cannot be used for more than 30 days… you need to buy it if you want to use it forever. Sorry. But here is what i have done: i have customized all the icons manually by going to properties of the folder. I downloaded icons from Iconarchive

3) Download this glass maker and do as instructed in the blog before you forget it later.

4) Download these glass gadgets.


1) Now install both Iconpackager and Object Dock.

Settings of object dock:

  • Position: Bottom Left
  • Size–>Icon size: 70; zoomed size: 200
  • Style/Color–>Transparcy: FULL
  • Effect–>Zoom; Zoom amount: 135; Zoom width: 10 items; Enable Ghost Mode

SETTINGS: tick on “hide the task bar”.

2) In IconPackager, load the unzipped *.iconpackage and *.ici file and apply it. If you want other icons.. you can change it by going to “icon/pointer” tab and changing them individually from the separate icon files that you have downloaded.

3) Install the gadgets.

4) place them as you wish.

5) Drag all the icons of your desktop to the objectdock.

6) Right click on desktop, go to “view”, untick “show desktop icons”.

4) Search for some cool wallpapers and you are ready to show off.

Note: There are options available in the internet to make the windows full transparent too. But its confuses on which window you are in. So i preferred the blurred version of transparent window

A shortstory i wrote almost 4 years ago: II

 Penn tried his best to stand firm, he was now eighteen. But how could he? He always needed help. He had strong legs and arms and yet they were of no help. Sitting on a bench, he was flashing back. Others would ask, “Hey! What color is sky?” He would reply, “Why? Its blue of course!” And they would say, “Ohh! Too bad you can’t see it today though! Its slight crimson today buddy! Hahaha!”
Penn lost his eyes when he was ten, big enough to realize the pain of the accident that cost him his eyes and also his parents.
Eight years ago, it was a day full of laughter. No one knew that it was also the day that would end with tears. Penn’s father worked hard in a glass factory. Penn had seen the big burners with lava like molten chemicals in it. Penn’s mother too worked in the same factory but unlike his father who was the reagent mixer, she was the glass inspector. Penn already knew his parents’ love had started in the factory itself. Penn, after his school, would always go to the factory to watch his parents work.
That day, like any other day, Penn was walking his way to the factory with his friends. “I never thought you would do such a thing!” Maggie was bringing out the topic again. “Did you see the look in Patrick’s face?” John added. Patrick was their bully.
“Yeah I did! I may do it again to teach him a lesson.”
Maggie said again, “Oh! Don’t be so mean Penn. I know he bullies us but I kinda felt sorry for him when your trap worked out well.”
“Ooo… did you?” John started teasing Maggie. He always did. It was like any other day.
“Alright guys, see you both tomorrow in the class. Tonight I’ll plan even more fun traps! Haha! So long!” Penn departed towards the right turn. He wondered if Maggie and John had realized that he bid farewell to them. They hardly did when they were quarrelling. He laughed to himself. The factory was right ahead.
“Alright guys, see you both tomorrow in…” Did Penn know he was not going to see them again his life? Not with his eyes.
He could hear the distant yell of his mother’s voice. “Try the main circuit!!! Go fast!!”
“Lisa I can’t!!! The liquid flow has to be controlled or it will overflow!!! Lisa! Lisa what are you doing?!!”
She was running for the fuse box upstairs leaving the control pad of the furnace unattended. The furnace had gone out of control.
“Mom! Dad! What’s happe…”
“Penn get away from here now!!!”
“No buts!! Just get OUT!”
Penn ran as hard as he could. He was just out of the factory when… BOOM! He turned back to see the glowing fluid rushing out . “Nooo!! Ma…” There was a second blast. The glass fragments were flying all over. He remembered no more.
Two days later, he regained conscious in the hospital with bandages all over his head, with stitches all over his body. He felt his legs, then fingers. He could hear voices.
“The boy is really lucky to have survived such a thing you know. His parents and few others were instantly killed I guess. We did everything to help this kid… his eyes… we’re sorry ma’m.”
“Oh poor boy…” It was his grandmother’s voice. He preferred not to let them know that he was awake. He lied still… crying inside… thinking about his mom and dad.
A year later, his grandmother passed away too, leaving him a small fortune of land. There was no one to look after him. His grandmother had fought for this little land with the company trying to take it for his parent’s mistake. She was gone. He landed up in an orphanage. It was very hard for him to get used to with the obstacles around. Not just physical obstacles.
“How many fingers am I showing?” He was kept in the middle
“Aaa… three I guess.”
Slap! Someone would slap him from the back. “Five stupid!”
He sat still on the floor, sobbing.
“What happened?” The maid would come.
“They slapped me!”
“Who did?”
“I don’t know…”
Years passed by. His mates were slowly taken away by their new foster parents. He was left behind.
“The boy had…” The maid would explain the story to the “might be” foster parents coming for adoption.“That’s awfully sad. But we cannot afford to take care of him. I mean, we don’t want to be rude but that boy would need an extra care you see.”
Penn would listen to them from the backdoor, expressionless.
On his eighteenth birthday, when Penn was sitting alone on his chair, the maid came.
“I know what you’re going to say Nan.”
“I… oh you head me.. how would you know?”
“How come Finn and Daisy and others disappear without getting any foster parents? They told me when they left.”
“Penn… I… I am so so sorry that it has to be this way. But… but it’s the law. We didn’t and don’t want to lose you all this way but then… I simply… cannot do anything. The day you turn eighteen…”
“Come on Nan. You don’t have to feel this way. After all, you took care of us so nicely… I don’t even know how to thank you for that.”
She was sobbing with no sound. He knew. None made the gesture to let each other know about it.
“By the way Nan, I was already ready for this. I asked Molly to pack things for me yesterday. I was just… just waiting for you to…”
She hugged him tight.
An hour later he was bidding farewell to everyone. Nan gave him a hundred dollar to start up with his living.
“Do take care of yourself Penn. I don’t know how you can survive the cruel city all alone… wish you all the luck dear.”
He couldn’t find a word to say. He flung out his stick and turned away…to where? He had no idea. He waved for a cab and went in.
“Where to sir?”
“Is there any park nearby?”
“I know the right place sir” Today is my lucky day, the driver thought.
Moments later.
“Here you are sir! Turn to the right and then straight.”
“Thank you. How much?”
“Five dollars and thirty cents.”
Penn took out his hundred dollars note and gave him. He received back a bunch.
“Good day sir!”
Penn walked out and was walking slowly. He was hungry too. He stumbled with a man and Penn took his chance, “Sir can you please guide me to a hot dog?”
“Can’t you see I… oh… sure.” He was a she.
They didn’t talk. “Here you are. Be careful!”
“Thank you ma’m.” She left.
“A hot dog please.”
“Just a second!”
Penn could hear the busy city behind his back. Where would he go now? He has to find a job but who would give him? He would think about it in the park.
“Here sir! Fifty cents!” He took out a note and gave the stall man. He received back coins.
“Excuse me sir, can you please count the money I have for me?”
He handed the bunch but it wasn’t taken.
“Around twenty dollars.” The man said cooly.
Twenty dollars?! He should have had around ninety four! The cab cheated him, he thought.
“Thank you.”
He asked a man this time to the way inside the park. He had asked, “Sir what do you do?”
“I deliver pizzas.” He could not do delivering.
He sat on a bench and thanked the man, then began re-mourning his past.
He was found in the pool the next day, he had drowned. People said he might not have seen the pool and so he drowned. But his shoes were laid neatly in front of the pool. His jacket was folded beside it with all his remaining money thatched by his folded stick.

I hope you all enjoyed it. 😀

A Poem 4 Years ago

This time, I am sharing you all a poem I wrote. He is as old as the story but was born first. Enjoy. 😀

I can’t believe he was titled A SOUL.

Its a shivering cold night
The sweat has drenched his body
He walks to seek a light
Finds none in bright lit city

He knows all the path there is
Knows little where to walk to
Little does he have the will
As little as his shoes

Living amongst his fellows
Who are the weathered twigs and leaves,
Are the stones that bleed his toes
And tiny blood feeding fleas

His clothes aren’t much of help
To make him or to show him warm
Neither his heart, his only wealth
Warms him in, or his palm

His fear is still up and tight
What he fears, he knows not
But knows its not the sight
Of cops dwelling streets for rots

For someone like him in the looks
Definitely not inside though, no!
Those rots have a will to live
But he has not a hope

He lies himself that he lives
He lives believing in his lies
May it be the truth he fears
He knows he is not alive

Deep within there’s nothing warm
A cold soul but trapped in him
With nothing to lose nor to gain
As good as death has been.

I did make some little adjustment in my english to present though. 😀 I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.

A shortstory i wrote almost 4 years ago.

A: “Hello!”

B: “Hello… you Clara?”

A: “Yes. May I know who is calling?”

B: “Aaa… it’s me, Steve.”

A: “Oh my God! Is it really you? Where have you been?”

B: “Yeah… a… just been here and there for a while.”

A: “For a while you say! It’s been years Steve! How are things going on?”

B: “Fair I guess… I don’t know.”

A: “You don’t sound so good. Tell me what’s up… or down…”

B: “I just called you to ask one thing. Do you consider me as your friend?”

A: “What are you talking about?!!”

  It was three years ago. Steve and Clara had been friends for quite a while, but they hardly kept in touch though, ever since there were to go to different schools. But they both valued each other’s friendship very much. Steve had even once grown feelings for Clara, but she had her own dream boy, Ben. He knew that way too well and for that he forcefully had to make his feelings blow away. Clara was aware of this too but she wouldn’t dare herself not to dream about Ben, tall, fair, good at almost everything. In short, “smart”, in both the ways. Clara was not the only one after Ben. Look at Ben! He is shorter than me, doesn’t know Latin which is the most important thing, he thought. They were all still young then.

  A year later, Steve had grown pretty tall. Nearly, by an inch taller than Clara. They were in their teens and shared about their love life they each were having. Steve was with Penny, a slender pretty girl. Clara was with Ken, a boy in his late teens. He had finished high school. Steve wondered how she knew him..

Two more years passed…

But Steve never shared the hard life he was living in. He knew his friends didn’t want him with them. They only meant to use him and he was ready to be used just to be with them. Steve wasn’t much of a hard worker but he did pretty well in the tests. He was very mischievous, like a playful child. His teachers liked him though. He was very disappointed that his friends liked his pretended self and not himself. But with Penny, he was himself. And she liked him. He couldn’t be seen happier without her. The thing which he did not know was that Penny was just pretending.

 It was too late when he realized that. His shattered heart vowed never to fall for a girl. He then knew his friends did not just like him, but loathed him. His friends to whom he had been himself… Shared things which he had little spoken of, cared for them. Depression took over him. It was amazing how Steve understood about emotions better than anyone. He even used to write love letters for his friends back, and it was for sure that the girl would fall for it. He knew about his depression yet couldn’t help himself to get over it. He only had a choice. He was never to make a friend too. Clara never knew about this. They both had graduated high schools. Steve was skimming over his contact list and came across Clara’s.

He made the call.

“Hi Steve! What made you call me?”


“I was just kidding! Hey! Heard you broke up with Penny. True?”

News sure do travel fast. “Yeah.”

“I knew it! Don’t you worry! You’ll find loads better!”


“You don’t sound yourself… what’s up? Tell me.”

Steve had been alone for a while and he was missing company. “Can we meet? Now?”

“Steve do you know what time it is? It’s twelve! Don’t you think it would be much better if we could meet tomorrow? It won’t look so nice if we meet now.”

“No. Let’s meet now. I have to and I want to.”

Stubborn as ever. “Steve! You are my friend. I understand you bit I don’t think you do!”

Memories started flooding in Steve’s mind about all his friends. Could she be the same?

“Alright. Where are you going for your studies?” Could she?

“Bellamine University. You?”

“Cir-Tech.” Could she?

“Good! We are nearby. Sometimes I’ll pay you a visit and we’ll go for shopping together! Good idea eh?”

Steve remembered every painstaking moments that he and his other friends had, about how they had lured him with the same logic to make him near. “I’ll come to your place and we’ll hang out.”

Yes, she is the same.

“Clara no I don’t want anyone to visit me. Thank you.”

“You’re damn expensive!”

“You bet I am.” I don’t care what they think of me.

“What’s got into you?”

“Nothing. Actually, the thing about meeting right now… I was just joking. No I don’t want to meet. I made this call so that I could wish you luck in whatever you do. Farewell.”

He lied, but he meant.

“Thanks. Same to you too.”

“Okey. You won’t see me here after. Bye.”

He was hurt. She was hurt.

“Steve, I…” He hung up and switched off his phone.

He took out the battery and threw it out of the window. He won’t be needing it anymore.

Solitary life is much better than this…

B: “You still there Clara? Its okey if you do not want to answer.”

A: “Wait I…” He hung up.

Solitary life is much better than this.

The Begining

The topic may sound to readers like the post is going to talk about a new revolution or evolution or war story. I am very happy to disappoint you all. 😀 My topic has no intention to do its duty. I just typed in what came into my mind.

This post doesn’t concern technical information or such kinds. I rather want to dedicate this post to give my appreciation and thanks to @sandeeps13 and write a bit about him.

Our bond of friendship did not grow from knowing each other’s lives, yet we are close. I do not know what he likes to eat, or what he does during his leisure time. But he is always 2 steps ahead and does what he has to without unreasonable hesitations. That is all i know of him. I’d like to believe that it was because of “telepathic” (its not the word i should be using but i want it to sound cool, and hint that its something to do with brain/thinking) resonance that we became friends.

For now, he is away from home country mastering medicine. I get glimpses of him trying to master other non-academic fields as well. For me, i am studying engineering in my home country.

His visit to me last year in my college was a surprise. I treated him to brunch. And that was supposed to be our Breakfast+Lunch. Who were we showing off to?? He treated me back with a lunch at the same place!

Debating with him has always been challenging and interesting. Back in 2008 when we were in 12th grade, we even had brain-storming sessions together but, we never called it so. We stuck on “sharing ideas” session. Our debates went on until we were forced to discontinue due to classes. He had been my classmate the previous year too but back then, we only knew each other’s identity well.
Being an engineering student, i am not much comfortable to talk but he has thrice the neurons I have in my brain. This is how we say in literature. But… lets be realistic. 😀 He has about 1.17 times the density of neurons than I have. I must be pathetically stupid to make him a normal person. I can’t seem to grasp the wide range of existing knowledge like him. I am much more confined: I only grasp knowledge that are presented to me. It is from him i seek knowledge if i am to at all.
And this is how i came to know about and am planning to spend most of my time here. I cannot assure that though. I do whats more fun to me. And i think this is definitely going to be. If something shows up more fascinating and innovative… (I shall better not complete the sentence)
Thank you Lord @sandeeps13 for numerous things.

P.S. We are much better friends than how i’ve mentioned above.