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For those exploring new ways for UI desktop mode, I might be able to contribute something. At present, my desktop looks like the above two pictures.
You should be ready for some downloading if you want the looks like mine.


1) Download Object Dock. NOTE: If you want full taskbar functions in it, you need to buy it… sad.

2) Download Iconpackager. NOTE: The drawback of this software is that its only a trial version and cannot be used for more than 30 days… you need to buy it if you want to use it forever. Sorry. But here is what i have done: i have customized all the icons manually by going to properties of the folder. I downloaded icons from Iconarchive

3) Download this glass maker and do as instructed in the blog before you forget it later.

4) Download these glass gadgets.


1) Now install both Iconpackager and Object Dock.

Settings of object dock:

  • Position: Bottom Left
  • Size–>Icon size: 70; zoomed size: 200
  • Style/Color–>Transparcy: FULL
  • Effect–>Zoom; Zoom amount: 135; Zoom width: 10 items; Enable Ghost Mode

SETTINGS: tick on “hide the task bar”.

2) In IconPackager, load the unzipped *.iconpackage and *.ici file and apply it. If you want other icons.. you can change it by going to “icon/pointer” tab and changing them individually from the separate icon files that you have downloaded.

3) Install the gadgets.

4) place them as you wish.

5) Drag all the icons of your desktop to the objectdock.

6) Right click on desktop, go to “view”, untick “show desktop icons”.

4) Search for some cool wallpapers and you are ready to show off.

Note: There are options available in the internet to make the windows full transparent too. But its confuses on which window you are in. So i preferred the blurred version of transparent window