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Degrading Coders

Degrading Quality

I’ve stayed silent for too long. Well I’m going to share something which I think is a concerning bit of whats going on these days.

I am not talking to the coders who’re all fluent now with the codes they want to play with. This mainly concerns the ongoing, and upcoming coders who are learning…and mainly blaming the master coders.

My attack angle: the frameworks that has come along all these years. Of course it has made the coders (for now I’m taking about the web coders) very convenient and easy, plus time efficient tools to get their works done with. Have you ever thought what its really doing to the other coders?

  1. First thing, its making you learn and memorise new “keywords” of its own with it’s own attributes and rules to use it with. Its as good as learning a new code!!
  2. Secondly, its making you forget the native language of code you should be familiar with. Yeah I’ve guessed you’d probably say, “We do learn it as our basics ( in a training/course)”. Shut up! You’ll forget it in within 3 months trying to learn all the new keywords of the frameworks which basically does the same thing. Yes stable and much more secure and easy. Then whats the point of being a coder/programmer if you don’t find the beauty in complexity?
  3. Third. Have you heard of the phrase “The rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer”? Basically happening in the real world but guess what? Its turning out to be the same for the coders as well. The one who is all flexible and expert with the tight smiley spread over the cheeks are making the frameworks. They know exactly how things are working and are gods! For the learners, they’ve created more things to memorize. And not learning them is not an option either. Some organisations requires the employee they hire to know them.

For the coders to be independent, flexible, innovative, I feel its must for them to know the core native codes and that is all. If ease is required, they can make frameworks themselves. Can’t they? Now they can’t thanks to the frameworks that are published. And because it is published, the coders now are getting lazier, more framework dependent and non-hard workers…. knowing only little of the native codes.

I am NOT happy with the things that are happening. Are you?