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I Shall Write

If I tell you I don’t miss you, it would be a lie.
If I tell you I miss you, it would be a crime.
So I shall tell you nothing at all.

If I seek a glimpse of you, the more I’d want to see.
If I seek to see you more, its glimpse that I would see.
So I shall seek nothing at all. 

If I hold a smile, its only lips and not the heart.
If I hold a tear, its all heart and not the eyes.
So I shall hold nothing at all.

If I try to fall asleep, I’m lost in dreams of happy lies.
If I try to stay awake, I’m bound in endless sorrowed truth.
So I shall try nothing at all.

If I yell my misery out, the ears would hear something else.
If I yell nothing at all, the impaired heart would implode in.
So….. I shall write.


My Move

I have moved on too many times
and yet this time has come again.
What this brings will clear the ice
While keeping sanity within the pain.

The knowledge piles up but unused
Still deeper the hole is dug to truth
And yes falls, every time amused
In being a fool to trust the foot

Thus I have decided to finally move
Without throwing a single step
All I would trust is time to prove
If this will keep the falls in debt

I shall finally fall only to death
This is the move I’ve decided to take

A Poem 4 Years ago

This time, I am sharing you all a poem I wrote. He is as old as the story but was born first. Enjoy. 😀

I can’t believe he was titled A SOUL.

Its a shivering cold night
The sweat has drenched his body
He walks to seek a light
Finds none in bright lit city

He knows all the path there is
Knows little where to walk to
Little does he have the will
As little as his shoes

Living amongst his fellows
Who are the weathered twigs and leaves,
Are the stones that bleed his toes
And tiny blood feeding fleas

His clothes aren’t much of help
To make him or to show him warm
Neither his heart, his only wealth
Warms him in, or his palm

His fear is still up and tight
What he fears, he knows not
But knows its not the sight
Of cops dwelling streets for rots

For someone like him in the looks
Definitely not inside though, no!
Those rots have a will to live
But he has not a hope

He lies himself that he lives
He lives believing in his lies
May it be the truth he fears
He knows he is not alive

Deep within there’s nothing warm
A cold soul but trapped in him
With nothing to lose nor to gain
As good as death has been.

I did make some little adjustment in my english to present though. 😀 I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.